The lounge is a place to relax and unwind—a warm and welcoming space where you can sink into a comfortable chair to enjoy some peace and quiet or share special moments with friends and family. On top of that, the interior design of your lounge can become a focal point and tie together the aesthetic of the entire home.

At Acorn Furniture, we design furniture that offers the perfect combination of quality, comfort and style. Our range includes a selection of armchairs, recliners, couches, coffee tables, orthopaedic chairs, ottomans and other designs, with options to suit any stylistic preference and budget. Various timber and fabric finishes are also available.

Whether you are looking for a charming 2-seater to run along the far wall, a classy ottoman to complete the room or lounge furniture of any other kind, you’ll find it here. Our designs make it easy to transform the atmosphere of any space to match your lifestyle and aesthetic preference.

Our lounge furniture is designed and manufactured in New Zealand and abroad, using quality materials supplied from Europe, Asia and North America. We have been in the industry for just under 20 years and craft each and every product using skills and knowledge obtained from this extensive experience. Combined with a passion for our work, we are able to create world-class designs to breathe new life into lounges all over New Zealand.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 601 701 or via

5 by 30 10 year warranty for chairs some customization content Made in China
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Timber Finishes

 Baltic AshChocolate AshRustic AshWarm AshCedar AshClear RimuDark AshDark OakRimu Beech


Melamine Finishes

Oyster LinePrime OakPrime TawaSovereign OakTahoe WalnutTawa