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Medical Furniture Suppliers for NZ Hospitals and Clinics

This furniture series is designed with the level of comfort, aesthetic and durability of our other collections with an enhanced focus on the needs of NZ’s healthcare industry. We use premium-grade materials and the finest crafting techniques to produce sturdy pieces that last.

Our specialty healthcare range includes a variety of designs that are suitable for hospitals, medical clinics, and associated facilities.

Our range includes a selection of bariatric furniture

At Acorn Furniture, we understand the unique needs of bariatric patients, and supply a wide range of suitable healthcare furniture to offer the adequate support and protection required. You can choose our bariatric furniture with confidence, with the knowledge that it has been produced to the highest standard with a specific end-user focus, ensuring that the comfort and safety of your patients is paramount.

New Zealand’s preferred hospital furniture suppliers

Our high quality furniture is made in New Zealand and used by hundreds of mental health organisations, nursing homes, and other facilities. Rather than designing and building generic pieces in a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a range of ergonomically designed chairs, beds, tables, and associated fittings, to meet the challenging requirements of the high-volume medical sector.

Click on a product to see more information including features, specifications, style variations and warranty. From there, you can enquire about the product using the form provided. You can also get a quote by adding items as you browse through the range of medical furniture and submitting a request once everything is included.

Get in touch!

We welcome enquiries here at Acorn Furniture; email sales@acornfurniture.co.nz or call 0800 601 701 to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced team about the hospital furniture we have available. We cater for all of NZ!

Customise with Fabrics & Finishes


Timber Finishes

 Baltic AshChocolate AshRustic AshWarm AshCedar AshClear RimuDark AshDark OakRimu Beech


Melamine Finishes

Oyster LinePrime OakPrime TawaSovereign OakTahoe WalnutTawa