The dining room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where meals are enjoyed, conversations are shared and guests are entertained deep into the evening when the last bottle of wine is long gone.

Furnishing your dining room is about finding the perfect blend of comfort, ambience and effective use of space. By creating the right atmosphere, you can enhance your dining experience and set a calm and welcoming mood for all who enter.

We design dining tables and chairs that combine comfort, style and quality in order to bring the room together through a harmonious blend of form, function and aesthetic. Themes range from bold, contemporary pieces through to elegant, traditional designs, so there’s something to suit interiors of any kind.

Only the finest materials are used to craft our selection of dining furniture, ensuring each piece offers lasting quality over years of use. We source supplies from Asia, Europe and North America before manufacturing our Acorn Furniture range at our workshop here in New Zealand.

We have been doing what we do for almost two decades and will only be satisfied when we achieve the high standards we hold ourselves to. Whether you are selecting a full dining set or just a single piece, you can be sure that it has been passionately designed and crafted by an experienced professional who takes pride in their work.

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