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It isn’t always easy to find appropriate furniture for use in a challenging environment. Many normal designs are not suitable for certain applications, which is why we offer a range of furniture for settings with special needs. Each design is made with the perfect blend of form, function and finesse, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere with full consideration of your unique requirements. 

Browse our broad online selection of soft arm chairs, bean bags, drawers, wardrobes, dining chairs, tables and recliners; there are plenty of styles to choose from to ensure the furniture meets all of your practical requirements with no sacrifice on style. We are passionate about interior design, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you can’t decide which piece will best suit your space.

The materials we use to craft our selection of furniture are sourced from trusted suppliers all over the world and made with passion right here in New Zealand. Our growth from humble beginnings to industry-leading products is testament to our dedication to the highest standards in everything that we do, along with our continual commitment to providing excellent service to each and every one of our customers.

If you would like to discuss your furniture needs with one of our friendly and experienced team members, give us a call on 0800 601 701 or email us at sales@acornfurniture.co.nz and we will be happy to explain how we can help supply you with the perfect designs for challenging environments.
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Timber Finishes

 Baltic AshChocolate AshRustic AshWarm AshCedar AshClear RimuDark AshDark OakRimu Beech


Melamine Finishes

Oyster LinePrime OakPrime TawaSovereign OakTahoe WalnutTawa