We are excited to unveil a totally, innovative new look for Acorn Furniture

This includes our logos, website, collateral, and while we look a little different and stand out from the crowd, our business is still built around: amazing employees, legendary customer service and great value.

With our new look, we are highlighting our unique culture, not changing it. Our employees make us who we are and the Acorn at the centre of our new design helps us communicate our passions – providing outstanding Customer service and offering quality, affordable, homely furniture that will enhance any space.

The intention of this rebrand is to portray the true culture of our company as well as being more personable, warm, lively and relatable.

We wanted something that bespeaks our mission, vision, values, quality and culture and something that is interesting, warm and engaging.

To us, the Acorn is symbolic of a number of important attributes;

  • Represents something great that has started small
  • Something young to something old (Acorn, to an oak tree – The ageing process)
  • Strength/Durability/resource (The oak tree)
  • Lively/fun/warm
  • Personable
  • Relatable
Adrian Trewavas - Managing Director

Adrian Trewavas - Managing Director