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Solid Timber Care

Our solid timber furniture is designed to be sturdy and long wearing; however special care and maintenance need to be taken to ensure your furniture lasts. View more details below.

Care Tips

1. Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight as this may affect the quality lacquer finish.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures. Keep furniture away from heaters, air conditioning and fireplaces. Intensive heat can cause the timber to distort.

3. For normal cleaning, wipe surfaces with a 'damp' cloth (not wet).

4. Protect polished surfaces from crockery, heat and moisture and other objects by using placemats or similar.

5. Lift tables to reposition, do not drag them as this can weaken the joints between the leg and supporting rails.

6. Avoid writing on the polished surfaces as indentations may become evident.

7. Do not leave liquids on surface as this will cause the lacquer to discolor, lift and fail over time.

Solid Timber Care Guide

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