Furniture Care for Solid Timber Furniture

  • Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight as this may affect the quality lacquer finish
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. Keep furniture away from heaters, air conditioning and fireplaces. Intensive heat can cause the timber to distort
  • For normal cleaning, wipe surfaces with a ‘damp’ cloth (not wet)
  • Wipe dry with a soft dry cloth in the direction of the grain, use a microfiber cloth if possible
  • Avoid writing on the polished surfaces as indentations may become evident
  • Lift objects, do not drag across surfaces, as this may scratch the lacquer finish
  • To rejuvenate the finish, use Mirotone Spray Glow (a blend of colourless waxes) to clean, preserve and protect the furniture – you can purchase this from Woodwrights:
  • Lift tables to reposition, do not drag them as this can weaken the joints between the leg and supporting rails
  • Protect polished surfaces from crockery, heat and moisture and other objects by using placemats or similar
  • Do not leave liquids on surface as this will cause the lacquer to discolour, lift and fail over time
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