Furniture for Challenging Environments

Furniture for Challenging Environments

Furniture For Challenging Environments

We are proud to announce that Acorn Furniture is the exclusive distributor for Ryno Furniture in New Zealand.

- Together we believe in the power of healing spaces, that "safe" doesn't need to mean "bland".

- We feel that challenging environments should be stimulating, vibrant and exciting places.

This philosophy is at the heart of the Ryno collection - the innovative new series of strong but strikingly stylish furniture. At first glance you see a brighter colour palette and organic flowing shapes, but behind the smooth design lies a host of safety features which make Ryno products uniquely suited to challenging environments.

There are many unique product features which make these Ryno products not only stylish but also functional and ideal for challenging environments.

These features are:

- The furniture is weighted

- Comfortable and easy to clean finishes

- Fire retardancy qualities

- Specialised hard wearing anti-bacterial finish

- Durability for outdoor use

- Designed and tested for bariatric use

- Strength for challenging environments

- Floor fixing options available

- Interlinking options with particular chairs are available


As standard, Ryno products are filled with non-reactive ballast to increase the weight (e.g. 75kg for the lounge chair) making them difficult to pick up or throw, bringing added safety and peace of mind when they are used in challenging environments.

Fire Retardancy

Ryno products are all compliant with the flammability standards UL94 HB.


A silver-oxide additive in the polymer provides anti-bacterial protection throughout the product - not just on the surface.

Outdoor Use

The polymer has been UV stabilised to protect against colour-fade caused by sunlight. In addition, many of the products in our collection are water-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.


The Ryno lounge chair has been static weight tested over 318kg, making it suitable for bariatric patients.


Due to the one-piece construction of Ryno chairs, any stresses are evenly distributed throughout the structure resulting in excellent durability. This design also means that, unlike a conventional chair, there are no legs which can be detached and used as weapons. Items are tested to BS EN 16139:2013 level 2.

Floor Fixed

If required, the products can be securely fixed to the ground using heavy duty stainless steel brackets for ultimate security.


Heavy duty stainless steel brackets allow chairs to be linked together, creating a safe, immovable bench.