Making the transition from the family home into retirement living or a retirement community can be a challenge for many, signaling the end of a familiar lifestyle. The thought of changing living arrangements can be confronting, with feelings of not being ready for aged care yet. However aged care has changed dramatically over the decades and retirement villages are more like modern communities accommodating the needs of over 55’s.

Forty years ago, the average age of residents in an aged care facility was over 75, however new retirement communities are much more youthful. More and more, people are looking to live with other like-minded folk and enjoy a range of activities and amenities. The new retirees are more likely to seek out architecturally designed modern retirement villas, beautiful homes that allow them to live independently with minimal maintenance demands.

Residents are moving into these villas at a time in their lives when they are still leading active lifestyles, choosing a home with the confidence of knowing that they can age at their own pace and should they require assistance it is available. The trend towards active retirement living has grown the need for common areas which generate a community hub that delivers for the varied needs of those living there. Indoor pools, gyms, billiard rooms, theatre rooms, libraries, cafes and regular excursions are all high on the list of desirables for over 55’s moving into retirement communities. As are beautifully designed common spaces for sharing time with family and friends and joining in activities.

To help make these communal areas truly inviting and relaxing, Acorn Furniture furnish common areas with smartly designed, stylish and comfortable furniture that is specifically created for seniors and fit for purpose. Acorn Furniture is working to enliven spaces for Retirement and aged care, contributing to the larger movement towards timeless, more dynamic living arrangements for New Zealand’s aging population. For more information contact our team on 0800 601 701 or visit our website for examples of our completed projects.

August 17, 2017

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