The Aeroplane Collection is specialised seating furniture, Custom made in New Zealand for challenging environments. It is incredibly resilient, comfortable and functional. Very importantly too, it is homely in its appearance.

There are many unique features which make the Aeroplane Chair and 2 Seater ideal for challenging environments, while still being a super stylish choice.

These features are: 

  • Fully reinforced structure with 18mm plywood for strength
  • Double stitching on all seams for durability
  • Weighted to 90kg with additional weighting available to deter mishandling
  • High density Dunlop foam for longevity and optimum comfort
  • Solid plywood base with timber ski base (rather than 4 individual legs) for added safety
  • Gap between unit and floor to allow for inspections and cleaning
  • Interlaced webbed seat and back for increased comfort and durability
  • Three units can be placed together to use as a de-escalation couch
  • Various configurations possible to suit your requirements. Use the Aeroplane Chair, Round and Wedge Ottomans and 2 Seater to create different furniture layouts to compliment any room (see how they have used the chair and the Wedge in the below photo)

Features in more detail and their benefits for you

Foam - High density Dunlop foam is used on the seat and back of the Aeroplane Chair to ensure longevity and support. These foams come with a 10 Year Supplier Warranty, highlighting the quality of this foam.

Strength - The Aeroplane Chair is fully reinforced with 18mm plywood on the front, sides and back of chair to ensure durability and longevity.

Easy cleaning - If any spillage or mess is left on the chair, it can be easily cleaned off the fabric by simply wiping with a damp cloth or with a bleach solution (select vinyls only).

Upholstery - Not only is this fabric stylish and functional, it is also comfortable, fire retardant and highly durable. Optimum comfort and durability is heightened through using interlaced 70mm elasticised webbing on the seat and back of the chair.

Base of Chair - The Aeroplane Chair comes with the option of a flat base with solid nylon glides, secured using anti-tamper screws. It is also available with a ski base for aesthetic appeal, which also has a black 16mm wooden base, secured with anti-tamper screws.

Design - The Chair is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort with a seat height that mitigates patients lunging quickly forward. The join between the seat and back is designed in such a way to prevent any dangerous objects from being concealed. 

October 17, 2018

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