At Acorn Furniture, we believe the customer comes first and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that your experience and journey with Acorn Furniture will be one to remember.

Every product is skillfully crafted by our best craftsmen who use construction methods which will ensure your product stands the test of time.

The Acorn Chair has many key features which allow us to be set apart from the rest and ensure our products are only of premium quality.

These features include:

  • Glides on Chair legs
  • Lumbar support and correct seat heights
  • Laminated seat foams
  • Interlaced, elasticised webbing


Glides on Chair legs –

We insert glides on all Acorn Chair legs. This enhances the functionality of the chairs, ensuring they will last the test of time. There are various benefits from inserting glides onto chair legs. Firstly, the floor is not damaged when you need to move the chairs around as the glides allow for easy manoeuvrability. Although glides allow the chair to be easily moved, it does not slip when your residents sit in the chair, so no need to worry about runaway chairs! Not only does it make moving the chair easier, it also reduces noise when moving the chair as there is very little friction between the floor surface and glides.

Lumbar support and correct seat heights –

Back pain is a common issue which is often caused by poor posture while sitting for long periods of time. To help eliminate back pain and other issues all our Acorn Chairs have lumbar support and correct seat heights. The most important function of a chair is to maintain proper curvature of your lumbar spine. In order for this to happen the pelvis needs to tilt slightly forward. To achieve this, we add more lumbar to the base of the seat back to help maintain the correct posture and eliminate back pain. Seat height is also another feature which we pay close attention to. The feet should rest on the ground with hips and knees at a 90˚. All of our chairs have an average seat height of 480 – 500 mm – the optimum height for correct body posture. Both of these features on our chairs ensure your residents will be at maximum comfort and support when sitting on our chairs.

Laminated seat foams –

We use laminated seat foams with a denser supportive base layer, soft mid-layer and a Dacron top layer for optimum comfort and support for your residents and lasting freshness. A thicker back foam with optimum loft recovery is used on the back of our chairs for optimum longevity and premium back comfort. We use Dunlop Elephant foam which has a 10 Year Warranty and consistent quality. This is a critical factor when ensuring the product will stand the test of time.

Interlaced, elasticised webbing –

All our Acorn chair frames are webbed using a premium quality 70mm elasticised webbing which is interlaced at 90 degrees to ensure optimum seat support and comfort for our end user. This robust construction method ensures longevity on a daily basis, as well as being key to ensuring residents can enter and exit the chair with ease.

 We believe that these key chair features are what makes the Acorn Chair stand apart from other chairs. Not only are they super stylish, but most importantly they are functional and made to last the test of time, ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied.

August 23, 2018

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