Acorn Furniture is proud to announce it has been voted as a Best Design Awards Finalists in 2017. This is a testament to the wonderful job Little Giant's did during the branding phase, in embodying all our core values into a stellar brand. They created a versatile, timeless brand that has a vibrant, lively, personable and quality appeal to our target markets. Our main aim was to develop a brand that was more personable and reflected our enthusiasm and personality as a team - which we most surely received. 

For the last 20 years, Acorn Furniture has been known to constantly deliver comfortable, high-quality environments that make the lives of the elderly more enjoyable and comfortable through quality products. Never ceasing to constantly evolve and develop in our processes, offering, and service. 

The Best Design Finalist award this year is a true reflection of our growth and continual improvement which makes us such a proud company. 

Contact us today via or 0800 601 701 to discuss how Acorn Furniture can bring your aged care facility to life and make the lives of your residents more comfortable and enjoyable. 

August 17, 2017

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