Facility Type: Retirement Village

A truly magnificent village located on the outskirts of Christchurch! The welcoming neutral tones contrasted with the lovely dark timber finishes provide a luxury feeling of class and country comfort. A feeling of warmth and welcome comes over you as you as you step inside this amazing environment.

Acorn worked closely with the design team to create and supply this high quality fit out of home style furniture. Most of the items were designed specifically for this project, a testament to our flexibility and creative talent.

Furniture used in this project

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Timber Finishes

 Baltic AshChocolate AshRustic AshWarm AshCedar AshClear RimuDark AshDark OakRimu Beech


Melamine Finishes

Oyster LinePrime OakPrime TawaSovereign OakTahoe WalnutTawa