Bream Bay Club House

Bream Bay Club House

Facility Type: Retirement Living

Bream Bay Club House is the latest addition at Bream Bay Village, located in Rukaka, near Whangarei. Only a short five minutes away from the stunning Rukaka Beach, the Club House is nothing short of an upmarket five star coastal resort!

Spacious, clean and calming - the tonal blue and white colour palette of the Club House creates a soothing and uplifting ambience. Acorn was the furniture partner of choice Bream Bay selected for their new Club House. 

Subtle stripes, plush velvet and laid back linens combined with natural solid timber finishings worked beautifully together to create a sophisticated coastal vibe. How stunning does the finished outcome look! We certainly would love to retire here!

To be included in this project was a privilege, with the Acorn Furniture team supplying furniture that brought Questral Corporations vision to life – creating a space that reflects the uniqueness of the surroundings and quality that Questral pride themselves in. Every detail was carefully considered, with furniture and fabric mindfully selected to enhance the build whilst also reflecting the surrounding nature, alongside the designer Ryan Twomey.

Helen Martelli | Questral Corporation

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